Must-try Time Management and Project Management Tools for Small Groups or Busy Managers


Whether you’re a lone freelancer trying to squeeze the most out of your days, a consultant who has trouble keeping track of all your projects, or just an employee who is curious about how much of your time you spend being actually productive, managing time is a difficult process.  Luckily, you’re not alone, and the developers of these great and easy to use online services are here to help.

Trello – Trello is a project management tool that allows you to track progress with a system of boards, lists, and draggable cards. The UI is light and easy on the eyes and the intuitive design allows you to map out your upcoming, in-progress, and completed projects in a quick and efficient way.  Inviting team members to your cards is a breeze and keeps everyone on the same page… or board, rather. Cards can be quick reminders with due dates, or contain detailed comments that show when accessed. Updating a board or sliding a card with the desktop site or mobile app instantly updates the boards of all your team members, allowing for functionality on the go or at a desk.  Trello boasts that is is free, “now and forever” for unlimited users and boards, but can be powered-up to business class for $9.99 per user per month. If you are a fan of kanban style project management, Trello is a must-try. More info and downloads can be found here:

Toggl – Toggl was designed for teams to be able to track progress and hours easily.  With a handy desktop app, the stopwatch features will let you know exactly how you spent your day, and any time your computer goes idle for more than a few minutes, you’ll be prompted to either keep or discard your time spent.  The real power of Toggl comes from the website, though. With the ability to create and group users by project or client, you can create detailed reports of how team members spend their time.  One of the best features of Toggl is how well it works with other services, including seamless integration with Trello, Evernote and more. Toggl has a handy desktop app, mobile app, and chrome extension that puts a timer button in plain view, so it’s easy to track your time wherever you are. Toggl is currently free for teams of 5 or less, with pricing plans at $9, $18, and $48 per user per month with extra features unlocked with each price tier. Find out more or download Toggl here:

TimeCamp – If you are a freelancer or organization that wants to keep all your time sheet and invoicing information in one place, TimeCamp might be for you.  Like most other time and project management services, TimeCamp has a handy stopwatch to keep track of your time.  TimeCamp adds to the stopwatch functionality by allowing you to classify your time by tasks, and linking those tasks to invoicing services. You’ll also learn how much of your time is spent on billable work versus non-billable work to maximize your profit. Groups can be made to track members’ time spent as well as progress towards your goals. TimeCamp has a slick app for iPhone and Android and integrates nicely with Slack, Trello, Toggl, and more.  TimeCamp is free for one user, but $10 per user per month to access all the features like invoicing services. More info about TimeCamp can be found on their webpage:

Rescue Time – If you’re the type of worker who accidentally finds themselves browsing facebook or reddit when you should be on more productive sites, try Rescue Time.  After setting up goals and letting Rescue Time know what kind of things you find valuable and what your largest vices are in terms of time-wasters, Rescue Time will track your computer usage and report back to you with how well you stayed in the productive areas of the internet. With a handy Zap from Zapier, you can also have a report automatically mailed to you daily.  Rescue Time is free and amazingly easy to set up. RescueTime even has a way to integrate with Pavlok so you can shock yourself if you spend too much time messing around on facebook. You can find out more about RescueTime here:

Harvest – Harvest is another great way to keep your reminders, timers, group projects, and invoices all in one place. Harvest has a simple to use timer feature that can break down your hours spent into different tasks based on cost to you and to your clients.  Detailed reports about time spent can be separated by client, by project, by task, and by staff.  Sending invoices is quick and easy to set up, and Harvest also makes it easy to set up recurring invoices and retainer fees.  Expenses and budget tracking are also built into Harvest, and keeping track of business expenses is as easy as snapping a picture of a receipt with your smartphone. Harvest is free for one person if they only have 1 or 2 projects, and $12 per user per month after that. Find out more or download Harvest at their webpage:

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